Heroes Vs Monsters

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Wait a minute, monsters are real!? Enter an epic world of fantasy and magic, where everything is possible – obtain powerful skills, god-like items, amazing weapons and fight against massive waves of monsters! Set out on the adventure of a life time to defend your homeland against the invading monsters unleashed by an evil wizard! Pick a party of the most extraordinary heroes you can find, each with his own unique abilities and finally vanquish the monsters once and for all! Do you have what it takes?!

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Collect amazing weapons and armor, upgrade spell and formulate your strategy to defeat blood hungry monsters in this one of a kind adventure RPG game! HvM for iPhone is a very challenging game that will surely keep you up several nights trying to beat it!

As you advance in the game, you accumulate experience in bloody fights which will improve your fighters and allow you to purchase better weapons, upgrade your existing ones and research new skills and abilities. The whole point of the game is to control your party in a very synchronized manner that will bring each of your party member’s unique characteristics to their maximum potential on the battlefield. For instance, archers should be kept in the rear, while tank fighters should absorb the damage on the front and focus the attention of the aggressors.

Take your party leader role and lead your group of vicious fighters to victory!